GH05T Assembled transparent 3D mask Mask Plastic

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* This product is an assembly type. Rubber String is not included. Comfortable customer service and job environment with a natural smile. A three-dimensional structure that prevents splashes, has good breathability, and does not stick to the nose or mouth. As it is difficult for heat to accumulate, it is a measure against heat stroke. An etiquette mask that is ideal for summer and can be washed and used many times. Country of origin: Japan Product name: GH05T mask (assembled transparent three-dimensional mask) Packaging size: Width 90xHeight120 mm Included: 1 sheet (rubber string not included) Product size (L) W27.5cmxH13.1cm (M) W 25.2cmxH12.0cm (S) W 23.3cmxH11.1cm Assembly height (nose and jaw) (L) 11.5cm (M) 10.5cm (S) 9.5cm Weight / thickness: Approximately 4g / 0.2mm for each : Splash-proof packaging: Body-PET / Packaging-OPP / Mount Precautions ・ This product cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated, or for the purpose of preventing pollen or viruses. If you feel sick due to itching, rash, rash or Odor, discontinue use immediately-Keep out of reach of infants-Keep in a clean place-By fire * When using the anti-fog separately, please dry it well before using it.-After using this product, please dispose of it according to the agreement of the local government where you live.-A place where it may be damaged. Please refrain from wearing it in. ・ It is not a mask that covers your face. Adjust the String so that it rests lightly on your face and fits on your face.・ Do not press it tightly against your face.・ Touch your cheeks very little, but if you sweat, wipe your skin frequently.・ Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue wearing.・ Due to the characteristics of the product, we do not accept returns or exchanges after use.・ This mask does not prevent infection (invasion).


Category Mask, Health care
Material ・ Item Plastic


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