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As the name suggests, a sauna hat is a hat worn in a sauna. It seems to be an indispensable item overseas that goes into the sauna on a daily basis. Its purpose is to prevent hot flashes and to protect the head and hair from the heat. Previously, there was a verification video of how wearing a sauna hat would change the temperature, but just by entering the sauna for 10 minutes, there was a difference in temperature of 3 ° C depending on whether or not the hat was worn. Although it is a sauna hat that brings about such an effect, most of the hats that are often seen at present are made of wool, because wool has high heat insulation. However, it is inconvenient to carry and many of them are relatively expensive. That is why I thought that the hat made with nakota this time could be used by anyone without hesitation. -Uses Thinsulate, which has the same heat insulating properties as wool.-Easy to clean with a washing machine, no Losing Shape.-Convenient to carry because it can be folded compactly. Nakota's sauna hat has more advantages than that. Because it is light and deeply covered, we have made it possible to use it on a daily basis.


Category Other hat, Hat
Material ・ Item 176312 , 176398 , Polyester
Country of originVietnam

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