Nakota Respect Cotton Chair Lamb Beanie other Hat Cotton

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● The new challenge was just between the beanie watch and the chair Lamb hat. NAKOTA original using the newly found special Cotton ● The important thing is "Two silhouettes that can be heard or not (2's development) and select materials that can be used for all seasons" ● I chose "Watano" as the material A natural and human-friendly eco-friendly material that succeeded in spinning (yarning) 100% of unused virgin Cotton fallen (unused fiber) from a spinning factory in Japan in one of the regeneration projects called "Wa". ● This time, I imagined a type that is closer to a Knit hat, so it can be worn by a wide range of people from those who like chair Lamb hats to those who like Knit hats. [Cat POS can be shipped] Model Head circumference 59 cm M's Width 19 cm x Length 17 cm L's Width 21 cm x Length 18 cm * There is elasticity. Respect Cotton (Cotton 100%) Made in Japan


Category Other hat, Hat
Material ・ Item 176312
Country of originJapan

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