Boston bag FILA GOLF sporty Tote Bag FL-SpTB-TA unisex 43791-43802 for the FILA golf

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■FILA GOLF Sporty Tote Bag FL-SpTB-TA Safe even when you have a lot of luggage! Large capacity! Jumpers, golf shoes, a round pouch for changing clothes, drinks purchased at convenience stores, etc. are all included. There is still plenty of room! It is also very convenient for golf and excursions in winter when cold weather goods increase. Features of the sporty series. A must-have item for the sporty series! Easy to carry by attaching a "pouch"! * You can easily attach the pouch (sold separately) with the included carabiner and customize it with a color that makes the most of your personality. The inside fabric is also stylish! Original fabric with FILA logo. The original print of the FILA logo, which makes you look fashionable even if you suddenly look inside, will catch your eye and make a good impression! It is a finish that sticks to details that are hard to see. Material: Outer fabric Nylon / PU / Inner fabric Nylon Body: Length 440mm x Width 590mm (top) Width 430mm (bottom) x Depth 210mm (bottom) Handle: Length 480mm x Thickness 13mm Weight: 973g Color: All Black, Navy White, Sky Blue, Fila White, White Pink Others: 2 D tubes on the top right of the front, Shoulderwith strap Number of front pockets: 2, inner pockets: 3


Category Golf Boston bag, Sports & outdoors, Golf, Sports & Outdoor
ManufacturerFILA GOLF

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