FILA club set FILA GOLF men's golf club 14-piece set FL-G01-TF men's 46369-46371

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■ FILA GOLF men's golf club 14-piece set FL-G01-TF The G-01 released by FILA Golf is a perfect product for those who are just starting to play golf. The basic clubs from drivers to putters are well-balanced, and a tipper that beginners should definitely use is included as standard. From the driver's tee shot to the approach around the green, gentle club settings will help you improve your score the fastest. ■ 14 pieces of set contents (11 clubs inside) ·driver ・FW#3 ・UT 24° ・6 irons (#6-#9, PW, SW) ・Chipper ·putter ・Head cover (for DR, for FW) ・Exclusive stand-type caddy bag ■ DRIVER ・Weight 324.0g ・Head material: Titanium ・Loft angle: 10.5° ・Lie angle: 58° ・Shaft material: carbon ・FLEX: R/S ・Length: 44.5inch ・Balance: D0 ■Fairway wood ・Weight: 366.0g ・Head material: Aluminum ・Loft angle: 15.0° ・Lie angle: 58° ・Shaft material: carbon ・FLEX: R/S ・Length: 42.5inch ・Balance: D0 ■ Utility ・Weight: 384.4.0g ・Head material: Aluminum ・Loft angle: 24.0° ・Lie angle: 61° ・Shaft material: carbon ・FLEX: R/S ・Length: 39.5inch ・Balance: D0 ■Iron #6 ・Weight: 412.0g ・Loft angle: 31.0° ・Lie angle: 62.5° ・Length: 37.0inch ・Balance: D0 #7 ・Weight: 423.0g ・Loft angle: 31.0° ・Lie angle: 62.5° ・Length: 36.5inch ・Balance: D0 #8 ・Weight: 426.0g ・Loft angle: 35.0° ・Lie angle: 63.5° ・Length: 36.0inch ・Balance: D0 #9 ・Weight: 432.0g ・Loft angle: 40.0° ・Lie angle: 64.5° ・Length: 35.5inch ・Balance: D0 PWs ・Weight: 436.0g ・Loft angle: 45.0° ・Lie angle: 65.0° ・Length: 35.0inch ・Balance: D0 SW ・Weight: 440.0g ・Loft angle: 56.0° ・Lie angle: 65.0° ・Length: 35.0inch ・Balance: D0 ■Chipper ・Weight: 477.0g ・Loft angle: 38.0° ・Lie angle: 71.0° ・Length: 34.0inch ・Balance: D0 ■ Putter ・Weight: 572.0g ・Loft angle: 3.0° ・Lie angle: 72.0° ・Length: 34.0inch ·balance:---


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