WORLD EAGLE Golf Ball World Eagle Golf Ball C78 10 Balls Bag WE-2BLC78-UE Unisex 55998-56002

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■World Eagle Golf Ball C78 WE-2BLC78-UE Exhilarating feel! The high resilience soft core creates a gentle and soft hitting feel, while also producing excellent flight distance and straightness. The WE-2BLC75-UE, which expresses the hardness of the ball, is set to [78] for compression, and was developed for men and women of all ages with a head speed of around 40m/sec, which is said to be the widest range of golfers. Did. High energy core 78. The soft compression 78 provides a gentle and refreshing feel, and the high energy accumulated by the flexible core creates an explosive initial ball speed. Surling tough cover. The surling tough cover converts the shot energy generated by the high energy core 78 into the ball's initial velocity as much as possible, suppressing the loss of flight distance. Ball number and alignment line. Ball numbers and alignment lines are printed around the World Eagle with logo. There are 3 types of ball numbers: 1, 2, and 3. The alignment line is printed in only one place, not too big and not too small so that you can concentrate on putting. It is the perfect ball for all enjoy golfers! It has a pleasant flight distance and is less likely to take extra spin, so it also has the effect of suppressing slices and hooks, making it a perfect ball for "Enjoy! Golf!" Please try it! ! Ball type: Distance and directional pursuit type Dimple: 332 Compression: 78 Color: White, yellow, pink, green, orange Structure: 2 pieces Head speed: 35m/s to 45m/s


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ManufacturerWORLD EAGLE

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