World Eagle Power Docky Swing WE-PDS 800g Swing Trainer

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■ World Eagle Swing Practice Weight Iron Power Docky Swing WE-PDS Training, Power Up, Distance UP, Stretching, Swing Correction! For those who aim to create a stable swing axis by training the trunk and further increase the flight distance! "It's the power of the swing, not the strength!" The swing practice club "Power Docky Swing" devised by Kouki Idoki, Senior Champion of the United States, to increase the flight distance. A DVD of how to practice is included without exception. It can be easily stored in a caddy bag and is ideal for swing checks and stretching before the round! By swinging while looking at the yellow line on the iron shaft, the face surface will be in the correct direction and the direction will be stable! Just by swinging slowly and greatly with "Power Docky Swing", the strength and flexibility of the body used for the swing will increase. By wearing it naturally, you can expect an increase in head speed! Train your core by shaking slowly while feeling the weight of the iron. It is also ideal for checking the balance between your body and arms. In addition, by stopping for 3 seconds at the finish, the swing will soak into your body and your core will be strengthened! Swing 10 times with this practice equipment and swing "as fast as possible" 10 times with your own driver. Do this with 3 to 5 sets a day as a guide! I have been practicing swings for over 20 years using this practice club. I recommend it with confidence. 3 types of weight to choose from! There are three types of weights to suit the user. ★ "HEAVY 800" for men ★★★ Compared to round irons, it weighs about twice as much, so you can expect effective muscle strength and core improvement. It is a very heavy practice iron, so please do not overdo it. If you use the yellow line attached to the shaft as a mark, you can turn the face surface in the correct direction. In practice, please swing while checking this "yellow line". White and red score lines on the black head make it easy to see the orientation of the face. The large white line at the top of the face, which is particularly characteristic, makes the purpose of practice clear. Weight: 800g Loft angle: 31 ° Rye angle: 62.5 ° Length: 36.5inch Head: stainless steel Shaft: Steel Grip: Iomic Idoki Pro Special Specification Marble Grip


Category Swing trainer, Sports & outdoors, Golf
ManufacturerWORLD EAGLE

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