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H jacket A haori-style jacket for both Japanese and Western styles that can be used as a haori, on or inside a haori, or as a jacket for clothes. The H of the H jacket is taken from the acronym of HAORI, HANTEN, and the sleeve width is about half (HALF). The sleeves are wide like a juban, and the sleeve width is short, so the sleeves of the kimono are made to look a little and accentuate. There is no milk to attach the haori string, so please use a stall clip etc. as a point. There is one pocket on each side. Since the sleeve width is short, I think that the skirt does not get in the way when you wear it on clothes and it is easy to move. Since we use dead stock silk cloth, weaving and dyeing are different one by one. For sewing, we asked RIKA from Kimono Remake Clothes Remodeling Studio in Yorii Town, Saitama Prefecture. Material 100% silk * I tried to match the long clothes and obi, but only the H jacket is sold. Product characteristics / Caution Since dead stock silk fabric is used, there are folds and burns. Please understand that the colors may differ from the actual ones depending on your monitor and browser. Due to the nature of the material and dye, Fade and color transfer may occur due to friction, sweat, rain, etc. during washing and wearing. Do not leave it wet or stack it with other objects. Zu is the actual size (flat) and may have an error depending on the measurement method. Zufrey 175cm ~ 155cm Width 68cm Sleeve width 30cm * Slightly longer than the conventional one. Cuffs 48 cm Unisex Laundry Dry cleaning is recommended for laundry. When you use it at home, use Part 1 Neutral Detergent, Dry Detergent, and Silk Detergent. Never use chlorine bleach as it will damage the fabric. Part 2 Wash your hands, push, or shake with lukewarm water at about 30 degrees Celsius. Please do not scrub. Wash the terrible parts of Stain by tapping it. After washing, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water so that no detergent remains, shape it immediately, and dry it in a well-ventilated shade. Part 3 It's half-dried so that you can feel a little humidity, and iron it with a cloth. Apply a cotton cloth and lightly hang it at about 120 to 130 degrees (slightly lower than the indicated scale). When spraying, moisten evenly from the top of the patch and be careful not to make stains. Even when using a steam iron, be careful of water droplets and finish in a short time. Also, hang along the direction of the warp and weft of the fabric and do not stop the iron on the cloth.


Category Other outer, Fashion (outerwear)
Material ・ Item Silk
Country of originJapan

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