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[Golden dragon]. You can casually wear the K24 "Golden Dragon" in a cute and fashionable way. Amulet dragon only for me. [Realistic and delicate details]. "Dragon's face" "Dragon scales" "Five claws holding a gold crystal". Craftsmanship and manufacturing technology that are particular about every detail. [Made In Japan] There are many shrines that enshrine dragon gods in Japan, and many shrines that enshrine dragon gods are known for their prosperous business and marriage. There are many places that have made a name for themselves as power spots. People have been fascinated by such dragons. At JUNGOLD, we created this product from the idea that we should be able to wear such dragon jewelry close to us every day, feel the power of the dragon, and spend our days in good health and happiness. For the material, we chose "K24 pure gold", which is recognized worldwide for its value, and the "golden ring" was born, which combines the power of pure gold with the power of dragons. [Origin of the gold dragon] The gold dragon is one of the many five-colored dragons, including the blue dragon, red dragon, white dragon, and black dragon, and is covered with golden scales. It is said to be the guardian deity of the earth and fertility that protects the center that symbolizes the earth in the trees, fire, earth, gold, and water of the Five Elements Thought. In the Five Elements Thought, wood burns to produce fire, fire becomes ash and produces soil, and soil produces Metal. That's why Kinryu is popular because it is said to be good for improving your fortune. And gold governs the five centers. In other words, the dragon god, which means the emperor, was a symbol of the emperor of ancient China. There are various legends in Kinryu. In Japan, it is said that the golden dragon appeared when Emperor Uda was crowned in 887, and it has been treated as a very happy dragon. And, in China, the era may be revised to commemorate the appearance of the Ruiju, but the era name was sometimes named Huanglong due to the appearance of the golden dragon. For this reason, JUNGOLD made a real gold dragon using "K24 pure gold", which is its specialty.


Category Toy / Ring, Toy
Material ・ Item Pure gold , K24Gold
Country of originJapan
AccessoriesBox, warranty card, instruction manual

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