GOURLAB IMGLB-PS Domestic Microwave Steamer Rice Cooker Small Steamer for Pasta & Ramen Cooking Vegetable Steamer BPA Free Microwave Cooking Supplies

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・It is a microwave cookware made in Japan.The patented air conditioning hole design allows proper steam to be discharged and circulated in the container at high temperatures. You can time-saving your daily cooking time. ・Cooking without using fire. A safe and convenient cooking method for the whole family. ・Since it has a drainage function, when boiling pasta or dried food in hot water, you can easily drain it without using another strainer or colander. Cleaning is easy. ・6-in-1 multifunctional cookware. It can also be used as a food container or lunch box. ・Easy to cook with high-performance steam function.Like a pressure cooker. ・Healthy cookware,for diet cooking tools,at that has been filtered too much with an oil filter.


Category Microwave cooking supplies, Livingware, Household goods
Model Domestic Microwave Steamer Rice Cooker Small Size Pasta & Ramen Cooking Steamer Vegetable Steamer BPA Free
Weight12 oz
Country of originJapan
Color Black


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