SmartProduct Co., Ltd. Mask Mask SP201w3b Non-woven cloth Unisex SP201w3box

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This is a set of 3 TomZ Masks. The base mask is our original mask that removes the nose wire from the major leaguer M101 medical mask for sensitive skin manufactured by Paramedical, which has a proven track record in medical institutions around the world, and replaces it with a patented mask pad that "automatically fills in the gaps between the cheeks." . Since there is no nose wire from the beginning, it is recommended for people with sensitive skin and the elderly. We will deliver an unprecedented feeling and a sense of security that is protected by a mask. There are various masks on the market, but I think the mask that automatically fills the gap between the nose and cheeks is the only product.


Category Mask, Health care, Health care
Material ・ Item Cloth , Poly Urethane , Paper
ManufacturerSmartProduct Co., Ltd.
Model Non-woven
Country of originJapan
Full length17.5cm


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