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With the development of medical research, about 70% of the immune cells in the human body are present in the gastrointestinal tract, so gastrointestinal health is an important aspect of human health. Appropriate intake of double rod bacteria is one of the most effective methods for improving gut bacteria, and is recommended for gut bacteria at the beginning of general health. The double-bacillus in this product comes from Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., which has been working hard for half a century, researched the special strain-LM strain, which is resistant to gastric acid, has high quality, and is compatible with the human body. Except for this, the distribution of this product is completed under the supervision of the medical student team. 1 pack contains double-bacillus content equivalent to 15 acid-containing bacteria*, very suitable for busy upper-class tribes; The love of famous people in various fields such as the world and the sports world. * Estimated to contain 20 million double rod bacteria per acid formula

_x000D_ Specific ingredients: milk fructose (milk low polysaccharide) (Gen Jishu Milk Products), mixed powder of double bacillus (Gen Jishu Milk Products), malt starch, chrysanthemum powder (Zen Shoku Paper), citric acid, flavoring agent


Category Food, Food and beverage, Food
ColorApple Green
ColorApple Green
Country of originJapan


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