KIKUSUI Toothpick Black Letter Toothpick 3 Pieces Natural Wood Warmth Japanese Kuromoji k0172

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It is a domestic black character toothpick using purely domestic Kuromoji. Kuromoji is made by hand using products from Kochi Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, and Osaka Prefecture. Please use safe domestic products because they are put in your mouth. Ingredients: Domestic Kuromoji log (deciduous tree of the Lauraceae family) Production: Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture Size: 9cm Because it is a natural log, there are variations in shape. Each piece is made by hand, so it may take some time.


Category Toothpick, Business supplies, Business item
Material ・ Item Kuromoji from Japan
Model Warmth of natural wood
Country of originJapan


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