KIKUSUI Chopsticks Celebration Chopsticks Printed "Kotobuki" Yoshino Hinoki from Nara, Japan QI-GO3S-2RF3

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The handle is printed with "Kotobuki" to create a celebratory seat. The chopstick bag is made of red and white, which is auspicious, and has a knot that evokes the image of a bond. Please take a seat to celebrate. Country of Origin: Japan Materials/manufacturing: Hinoki Yoshino, Nara Prefecture Size: 24cm Please use it for celebrations, New Year's Day, Coming-of-Age Day, birthdays, seasonal festivals, etc. Manufactured in Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture using Yoshino cypress. Made in Japan for peace of mind and safety without using any chemicals.


Category Chopsticks, Tableware and cutlery, Dishes / Cutlery
Material ・ Item Yoshino cypress from Nara, Japan
Model "Kotobuki" printed
Country of originJapan


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