KImono Tango Cushion Cover Cushion Cover 45x45 made from luxury Kimono Obi Nishijin Unisex KT1

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We have transformed exquisite Nishijin woven sashes into beautiful cushion covers. These sashes, crafted through traditional artisan techniques and using high-quality materials, exude an elegant and luxurious ambiance. Each cushion cover brings a touch of opulence and unique charm to your living space, serving as an elegant accessory. Furthermore, the premium Japanese silk used in these covers is exceptionally smooth, with a delightful, almost mesmerizing texture due to its delicate weaving. The designs, rooted in a tradition spanning over a thousand years, strike a harmonious balance between boldness and delicacy, sure to impress anyone who visits. These cushion covers are perfect for gifting or as a well-deserved treat for yourself. Consider them as an exquisite addition to enhance the beauty of your room.


Category Cushion Cover, Interior, Interior
Material ・ Item Nishijin
ManufacturerKImono Tango
Model Made from luxury Kimono Obi
Country of originJapan

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