IKEUCHI ORGANIC Blanket/Towel Blanket Imabari Towel ORGANIC AIR WHIP Fluffy, Thick, Pastel Color Cotton Unisex 1094401

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ORGANIC AIR WHIP is a new type of towel that whips together the characteristics of each of ORGANIC 732, which is professional grade, and ORGANIC AIR PREMIUM, which has a powdery snow-like feel. If you are a fan of ORGANIC 732, you will be surprised at how soft it feels on the skin, while still having the strength of ORGANIC 732. If you are a fan of ORGANIC AIR PREMIUM, you will probably think, ""It has the softness to the touch that is typical of ORGANIC AIR PREMIUM, but with just the right amount of heft. The soft and fluffy texture makes you want to bury your face in it, and the gentle feel of this one will make you want to hug it all the time while you sleep. The pastel colors are cute when seen alone, but they will give your bedroom an elegant atmosphere.


Category Blanket/towel blanket, Livingware, Household goods
Material ・ Item Cotton 100% organic cotton
Model Fluffy, thick, pastel colors
Country of originJapan
Full length200cm
Color Green,Blue


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