IKEUCHI ORGANIC Blanket/Towel Blanket Imabari Towel BAMBOO 540 Long-lasting, usable all year round, lightweight, soft Cotton unisex 1059401

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BAMBOO 540 Towelling Blanket is a soft, supple and comfortable. Bamboo rayon has high thermal conductivity, so it can be used cool and comfortable in summer when air conditioners are used frequently, and warm and comfortable in winter in rooms with heaters. This is a towelling blanket with a ""draping"" effect, which means that it feels as if it is absorbing into your skin, so in winter it keeps cold outside air from entering your home and keeps you warm. We recommend this product to those who are looking for a towelling blanket that is pleasant to the touch and can be used all year round regardless of the season and lasts for a long time.


Category Blanket/towel blanket, Livingware, Household goods
Material ・ Item Cotton 63% organic cotton, 37% bamboo rayon
Model Long-lasting, usable all year round, lightweight, soft
Country of originJapan
Full length200cm
Color Navy, Charcoal Gray , White


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