IKEUCHI ORGANIC Blanket/Towel Blanket Imabari Towel ORGANIC 140 Long-lasting, Soft, Cotton Unisex 1004426

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Organic 140 is a softer, more reliable version of IKEUCHI ORGANIC's ever-popular Organic 120 series. The pile, which is made by softly twisting two organic cotton strands together, is highly absorbent, and you can feel the fine cotton texture that sticks to your skin. It is a thin and light towel blanket that weighs about 2 kg. The large square-shaped double towel blanket measures 225cm x 225cm, and is large enough to be hung over a double bed. It is a size that can be used comfortably and luxuriously by one person or two people. This simple gray and white towel blanket is easy to use and matches any room. Recommended as a pair gift for couples such as wedding gifts and moving gifts. The larger size double towel blanket can be folded into single, semi-double, double, and queen beds. You don't have to worry about the towel blanket coming off while you sleep, so you don't have to worry about getting cold while sleeping. During the cold winter months, you can use it not only as a towel blanket, but also as a fitted sheet.


Category Blanket/towel blanket, Livingware, Household goods
Material ・ Item Cotton 100% organic cotton
Model Long-lasting, soft,
Country of originJapan
Full length225cm
Color White,Gray


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