IKEUCHI ORGANIC Towel Blanket/Gauze Blanket Imabari Towel ORGANIC I432 Gauze Blanket, Light, Soft Cotton Unisex 1017403

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Note 1 : This product is "Double Gause Blanket "ORGANIC I432" 216cm×260cm" Note 2 : The price listed for this product includes international shipping, insurance, and handling fees. ______________________________________ Light airy feel of 4 layers gauze "ORGANIC I432 Gause Blanket" ORGANIC I432 is a bed linen that can be used as both a gauze blanket and a sheet. This four-layer gauze bed item is fresh and breathable, and does not get stuffy even in summer. It has a different comfort from pile, and the more you wash it, the softer it becomes as it gets airier and softer. About our commitment to materials and production Simply layering four sheets of gauze does not make it durable. To solve this problem, we have devised a sewing method for our gauze blankets. The IKEUCHI ORGANIC logo mark visible on the surface of this product serves as a tissue point that holds the individual threads together. This makes it possible to produce a stable gauze blanket with less yarn waviness, and the unique fluffy texture of gauze made of organic cotton lasts longer.


Category Towel blanket/gauze blanket, Baby goods, Baby products
Material ・ Item Cotton 100% organic cotton
Model Gauze blanket, light, soft
Country of originJapan
Full length260cm
Color White,Gray,Ivory,Pink


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