SAWAI COFFEE Regular Coffee Gold Silver Copper Blend 17.6 Oz *3 Bags(1.5kg/4.4Ib) gldslvbrz1500

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【gold/Sol blend -medium roast】 It has a fresh, fruity aroma nurtured by the Mexican sun. It is roasted a little deeper by taking time to carefully and continually heat the coffee. This premium blended coffee has a rich aroma and deep, deep flavor. -medium roast Aroma ★★★★★ Full-bodied ★★★★ Acidity ★★ Bitterness ★★★ 【Silver/Luna Blend -french roast】 Guatemalan coffee beans, which are said to have sparked the global coffee boom, are used. We spend more than twice as much time roasting coffee beans as usual to bring out their deep flavor. This is a deep-roasted coffee with a "light adult flavor" in which the sweetness inherent in the coffee beans can be felt within the bitterness. Please enjoy the cool and sweet flavors that resonate with the taste buds and nostrils of adults. Aroma ★★★★★ Full-bodied ★★★★★ Acidity ★ 【Copper/Ttellus Blend medium roast】 Mexico is a coffee-producing country that has attracted the attention of coffee drinkers around the world. The reason for its popularity is its good balance of fruity flavor, richness, and bitterness. Tellus Blend is made from premium Mexican coffee beans, and is rich in flavor and aroma, yet refreshing and easy to drink. A single cup of coffee is enough to give you a great sense of satisfaction. It is the perfect refreshment for busy days. Aroma ★★★★ Full-bodied ★★★ Acidity ★★ Bitterness ★★


Category Regular coffee, Food and beverage, Food
Model 17.6 Oz *3 Bags(1.5kg/4.4Ib)
Country of originJapan


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