Kimono Tango Bag/Wallet Clutch Bag made from luxury Kimono Obi Silk Ladies KT12

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Clutch Bag Change the straps to create a dressy shoulder bag, casual shoulder bag or remove the straps to create a clutch bag! All bags are one of a kind, but you can pick up the same type of product at the cover Nippon on the 1st floor of the Imperial Hotel Tower or the cover Nippon on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. The KimonoTango clutch bag is a gorgeous gem made from high-end Nishijin brocade obi. The design combines Japanese aesthetics with Western elegance, adding a touch of glamour to any look. This bag can be used in three ways: as a shoulder bag or a clutch bag. With the long shoulder belt, you can comfortably carry it over your shoulder, or remove the belt and hold it in your hand to use it as a clutch bag. It can be arranged to suit your mood or the occasion, making it very easy to use. Once you hold it in your hand, you will be captivated by its texture. The obi fabric, produced with the meticulous skill of Nishijin brocade weavers, shines beautifully depending on the way the light hits it. Each KimonoTango clutch bag is carefully crafted by hand by artisans. Therefore, there may be slight individual differences in the pattern and colour of the same bag. We believe you will get a unique and original product that is uniquely yours. This bag makes its presence felt not only on luxurious special occasions, but also in everyday use. Wearing it on your person will make you feel special and luxurious. We invite you to pick up the KimonoTango clutch bag and let yourself shine.


Category Bag / Wallet, Toy, Toys
Material ・ Item Silk Kimono belt Nishikiori
ManufacturerKimono Tango
Model Made from luxury Kimono Obi
Country of originJapan

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