Sunstar Stationery Pen Case Neocrits DC "Alien" Polyester,PP bungunomori-0013

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Item Number:bungunomori-0013
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Neocrits is a slim pen case that doubles as a pen stand, released by the Japanese manufacturer KOKUYO. Just open the zipper and fold back the top half to quickly transform it into a pen stand. Not only is it easy to take out, it also saves space on your desk. It has two pockets, making it convenient for sorting and storing poppy rubber, etc. Double zipper design allows you to open and close from the top and bottom. A stylish stand with a Disney Character design.


Category Pencil case, Stationery, Stationary
Material ・ Item Polyester,PP
ManufacturerSun star stationery
Country of originChina

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