Craftsman House Crafts/Folk Crafts Others Small Rabbit Incense Stand & Small Flower Cat Incense Stand Set of 2 China bungunomori-0017

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Item Number:bungunomori-0017
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〇The scent in your room is essential for a relaxing moment. Now that people are spending more time at home, more and more people are enjoying incense to scent, ventilate, and purify their rooms. Why not take this opportunity to pay attention not only to the scent, but also to the incense vessel used to burn the incense? This item allows you to easily enjoy your incense life in a fun and stylish way. The atmosphere changes depending on the incense burner, incense vessel, incense plate, etc. you use, and it becomes a small interior accessory. ■Body Size: 70x35x70mm ■Box Size: 100x50x110mm [Caution] Earthen pottery is water absorbent, so if you leave it in water after use, it will absorb the moisture and cause mold and stains. It can also cause odor. Please dry thoroughly. Leaving water in the container for a long time may cause water leakage or stain penetration.


Category Crafts/folk crafts and others, Crafts and fine arts, Japan Art / Craft
Material ・ Item China
ManufacturerCraftsman house
Country of originJapan

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