Fountain Pen Mino Washi Yuzen Pattern Fountain Pen Weeping Cherry Blossom Red Wooden Box Mino Washi, Acrylic, Plated Gold bungunomori-0025

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"Mino Washi/Yuzen Pattern" Fountain Pen Washi paper made with water from the clear Nagara River, a bounty of lush nature in the mountainous Gifu region, is a heartwarming culture that has been popular in Japan since the Nara period. These colorful handmade writing instruments are decorated with the ``elegant and beautiful'' Yuzen pattern, which is also known as Chiyogami paper. Each piece of Japanese paper is hand-winded, coated with acrylic resin to protect it from stains and water, and finished with UV resin drying. A luxurious fountain pen made with Mino Japanese paper. The elegant Yuzen pattern model is also a popular item among women. The nib is a medium-sized plated gold nib that provides a writing experience that is loved by everyone. You can also easily change the ink color by replacing the cartridge and converter. This fountain pen is handcrafted one by one by craftsmen, and its careful finish is attractive. This item is also perfect as a gift. Why not take the time to write a handwritten letter and send a heartfelt message to your loved one? ■Size: Length 130 x Shaft diameter 17mm / Weight: 52g ■Nib: Medium ■Cedar wooden box case included (*The color of the wooden box varies depending on the wood grain) Do not store at high temperatures Please avoid storing it in a cool place. - Dedicated cartridge (European type) - Dedicated converter (manufactured by DAYACOM)


Category Fountain pen, Stationery, Stationary
Material ・ Item Mino Washi, Acrylic, Plated Gold
Country of originJapan
AccessoriesBox, instruction manual

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