Pip Taping cutter Sputter and holder Firm adhesion 50 mm 1 set included Hygienic and medical taping tape

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"Taping cutters and holders with firm adhesion 50mm 1 set" is a taping tape with a cutter that pulls out the tape and has a splatter cutter. No need for scissors, you can easily cut the tape, Y-shaped cut is OK. Storage case is attached and it is convenient for carrying around. Telescopic fit taping firmly adhesive with 50mm x 1 piece.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Taping tape
Product brandPip sports
Internal capacity1 piece
Product Summary(With telescopic fit taping firm adhesion 50mm 1 piece)
how to use(Taping cutter)
Please refer to the instruction manual in the product for how to use the taping cutter.

(1) Remove sweat and oil from your skin.
(2) Cut the tape to the length according to the site to be attached.
(3) Remove the tape from the release paper. (※ See "Peeling off the release paper and tape" on the back of the front label.)
(4) How to paste the basics
● If you want to stick along the muscle: Stick the end of the tape to the skin in a stretched state, fix it, and stick it little by little to avoid pulling it.
● If you want to wrap around joints: Stick the center of the tape on your skin and fix it, and apply it while pulling a little.

(How to store)
(1) Keep out of reach of children (less than 6 years old).
(2) Be careful not to get wet or exposed to direct sunlight, and keep in a cool place with low humidity.
Usage notes** Taping cutter (spout and holder) **
(Cautions on use)
● This product is exclusively for elastic adhesive tape with release paper attached. (Comfortable ventilation, firm adhesion 50mm is recommended) Other adhesive tapes and kraft tapes that do not have release paper can not be used.
1. Be careful with the handling because the blade is used.
2. Keep out of reach of children and those in need of supervision.
3. Do not use for any purpose (It will cause damage.)
4. If the area around the cutting blade is broken and the blade is exposed, discontinue use immediately. (It may cause injury to the human body.)
5. If the cutting blade gets wet, wipe it with a dry cloth. (If you leave it as it is, it will cause Rust.)
6. Be sure to secure the safety latch and slider when carrying in a bag etc.

1. Do not use the cutter unit alone. I can not cut the tape properly.
2. When replacing the tape, use the stretch fit taping "Comfortable ventilation" and "Tough adhesion". (75mm tape can not be used.)
3. If the cutter blade is sticky and foreign matter such as yarn is attached, wipe it off. Continued use may cause the tape not to cut properly.
4. When the tape runs low, remove it from the storage case and use it.
5. The cutting blade wears out faster depending on the usage conditions. Do not use when it becomes difficult to cut.

(How to store)
● Be careful not to get wet or get direct sunlight, and keep in a cool place with low humidity.

** Pip Kinesiology Stretch Fit Taping (Comfortable Aeration) **
(Precautions in use)
1. Do not use in the following cases (symptoms may worsen)
(1) Immediately after fracture
(2) Immediately after ligament injury
(3) wound
(4) Dermatitis
(5) Person who has rash and allergic symptom by adhesive tapes
2. If symptoms such as rash, redness or itching occur during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
3. Don't pull when sticking the tape. (It may damage your skin.)
4. When peeling off the tape, hold the skin from lifting so as to minimize stress on the skin, and peel it slowly while folding the tape.
5. Be careful not to pull the tape firmly, as it may cause persistent tension on the skin and cause skin problems.
6. Use under the guidance of a parent who needs supervision.
7. To prevent rash
(1) If you feel itching or pain, remove it immediately.
(2) Do not put on the same place continuously.
(3) If it does not fit your skin, remove it immediately.
Material● Storage case: polypropylene
● Cutter part (body · slider): Polyacetal
● Safety latch: Polycarbonate
● Cut blade: Alloy tool steel
Contact informationPip Corporation customer consultation room
(Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays excluded 10: 00-17: 00)


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