Johnson Paipuyunisshu PRO 400g

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"Pipe-Unish PRO 400g" is a pipe cleaner that firmly adheres to a thick gel to firmly remove hair, sebum and soap scum.
Because the hair and sebum Stain etc. are dissolved firmly, the pipe is made shiny and the water flow is refreshed.
Thick gel adheres well to the side of the outlet and the pipe, and covers the area you care about properly.
Compact and easy to use.
About product delivery: This item is a non-airborne item. Shipping to Hokkaido and Okinawa may be delayed than scheduled delivery date.


Product brandPipe unice
Internal capacity400g
UseKitchen, bathroom, lavatory outlet, drainage pipe
※ There is no influence on the material and septic tank of the pipe.
how to useOpen the cap, pour the liquid around the drainage port and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes, and then flush with water.
※ We do not leave for a long time because there is a risk that the taken Stain may get stuck in the middle of the pipe.
※ If the flow is not good enough, it is effective to use repeatedly.
※ We can not expect effect to pack of restroom.

(Indication of usage)
● prevention of prevention · odor deodorant: about 7-8 press
● Removal of slime: about 7-8 press
● Elimination of blocking: bottle 1/3, about 20 push
Usage notes● Be careful not to get liquid in your eyes or on your skin when using. It may cause blindness or damage to the skin.
● Always use alone. Hazardous agent may be generated if mixed with drainage agent for removing water, acid type product, vinegar, alucole, ammonia etc.
● Do not use if you do not feel well.
● Be careful because the undiluted solution may pop out when holding the container strongly and opening the cap.
● Do not use animal brush brushes.
● Do not flush with boiling water.
● Do not use other than the purpose.
● Wear rubber gloves and wash your hands after work.
● Because it discolors when it comes to clothes, rugs, and wooden products.
● Do not use by transferring to another container.
● Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool, dark place. Do not place it high.
please note● Be aware that Discolors may be applied to Metal products such as Aluminum, Copper, Hollow, and Brass.
● After use, keep the cap tightly closed and store.
● Not lightweight with the cap.
● Pour directly into the drain from the bottle.
● It can not be used with the acid type.
● Attention to the eyes.
● Be careful with your children.
● Always ventilate.
● Danger: serious eye damage, skin irritation.
First aidEye contact ●: Rinse immediately with running water for at least 15 minutes. Always consult an ophthalmologist immediately after. There is a risk of blindness if left as it is.
● If swallowed: Do not vomit, rinse your mouth immediately, drink 1-2 glasses of milk or water, and consult your doctor.
● If on skin: Immediately flush with running water until the feeling of sliming disappears. Consult a dermatologist if you have any problems.
● If you get into eyes, swallow or feel sick: Stop using and leave the place, wash your eyes, gargle, etc.
※ We bring product at the time of consultation in any case.
componentSodium hydroxide (2%), hypochlorite, surfactant (alkylamine oxide)
Liquidity: alkaline
Country of originJapan
Contact informationJohnson Corporation
Contact information: 045-640-2111


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