Lanhua fall prevention socks Agarno gray 25-26 cm daily necessities fall prevention socks

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"Slip prevention socks Agarno Gray 25-26 cm" is a fall prevention socks that supports to walking by reducing the stumbles at the toes with just putting on. Walking while wearing, enhance the exercise effect of the foot. The toes move big and are effective for the sole arch as well as the towel gathered. We adopt a special knitting “Aze knitting” that creates an air layer between the fabric of the sock and the skin. It's hard to get cold in winter, and it's hard to get stuffy in summer, so it's comfortable to wear all day.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Fall prevention socks
Product brandOrchid flower
How to chooseIt is recommended that you have a length of 0.5cm-1cmPlats for the length of your feet. (The size of the shoes is a guide) If you have wide legs and wide legs, please select a further large size.
how to useHow to wear
1. Sit in a chair and assemble your legs.
2. Put it firmly on your toes.
3. Grasp the front and back of the bag mouth and pull it up alternately.
※ Please refrain from use when you feel pain at the time of wearing with hallux valgus etc.
MaterialCotton 90%, Nylon 8%, Poly Urethane 2%


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