400ml refill Lion Charmy mild [daily consumables]

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"Charmy Mild Refill 400 ml" is the same weakly acidic kitchen detergent as the skin. While touching your skin, Oil Stain is also refreshing. The odor of the cutting board also neutralizes and deodorizes.


category Daily necessities
Material item For detergent tableware
Product brandCHARMY (Charmy)
Internal capacity400 ml
UseDishes for dishes / cooking utensils, sponge disinfection
how to use※ Please be sure to read the display before using.
● Estimated usage: 0.75 ml for 1 L of water (1 teaspoon for cooking 5 ml)
● Sterilization of the sponge: After using the sponge, squeeze firmly, permeate 8 ml of the stock solution evenly and set aside until the next use. (It does not sterilize all bacteria)

※ Please replace "Charmy Mild".
※ Bottles easily crush.
(1) Press the indentation at the bottom of the bottle.
(2) Crush along the side of the side.
Usage notes● This is not a drink.
● Do not use outside applications.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● After use, wash your hands thoroughly with water, care with cream etc.
● For people with roughness or long-term use, or when using undiluted solution in a sponge, use cooking gloves.
● In the case of running water, dishes and cooking utensils are more than 5 seconds, so change the water and rinse more than 2 times in case of water.
● If you place liquid for a long time it may degenerate, so use it as recommended.
First aid● Drink water when you drink.
● Rinse immediately when entering the eyes.
● If you have any abnormalities, bring your items and consult a doctor.
componentLiquid: Weakly acidic component: Surfactant (20% sodium alphaolefin sulfonate, alkylamine oxide, polyoxyethylene fatty acid alkanolamide), stabilizer
Contact InformationLion Corporation

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