Saraya Smart Haigene Waste Disposal Set Hygienics and Medical Services Decontamination and Deodorant

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The "Smart Hygiene Waste Disposal Set" is a kit for hygienically treating waste that may be infected. Please process according to the enclosed manual.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Disinfection and deodorant
Product brandSmart Haigene
set content● Disposable gloves: 2 doubles (4 pieces)
● Disposable gown: 1 sheet
● Disposable mask: 1 piece
● Disposable shoe cover: 1 pair (2 pieces)
● Plastic bag (primary and secondary collection bag): 2 sheets
● Paper towel: 20 sheets
● Manual card: 1 sheet
how to use[Preparation]
(1) Wear of infection control products
Wear disposable gloves, masks, gowns and shoe covers.
(2) Preparation of garbage bag
Open the two garbage bags and prepare them.
(3) Chlorinated bleach preparation method (1000 ppm or more)
Chlorine bleach 5-6% 60 ml (It is a general chlorine bleach)
※ Adjust to a bucket or plastic tank. Or use 2 L plastic bottles.

(Thing to prepare beforehand)
● Chlorine bleach
● "Smart Haigene vomiting party" (can be used without)
● Adjustment container (a bucket, a plastic tank, a plastic bottle etc.) into which 2L or more enter

【Point 1】
It is important to double the gloves and double use of the collection bag. In addition, vomits splatter widely, so please handle it widely. Let's process promptly so as not to spread pollution as much as possible.

【Point 2】
(1) Grab the cuff of the glove and pull it out so that the outside of the glove is inside.
(2) Put the hand with the glove removed in the cuff so that it does not touch the other glove 'Outside'.
(3) Pull out so that Outside is Inside, as in (1).
Country of originChina
Contact informationSaraya Corporation
Toll free number: 0120-40-3636


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