Aji Senjiji (Ojijijijijiji) scum loaf beef grilled beef sauce 110g food source (organic JAS)

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I finished tastefully utilizing the taste of nature. Full-fledged seasoning with several kinds of domestic organic vegetables.


Category Hood
Material ・ Item Source (organic JAS)
Product brandHouse
Raw material nutritional component table
raw materials
Organic soy sauce (including soy and wheat)
Organic onion
Organic sugar
Organic radish
Organic apple
Organic garlic
Organic ketchup
Organic spring onion
Sesame oil
Organic apple vinegar
Organic ginseng
Organic potato
Organic cabbage
Organic nagauta
sweet sake
Organic ginger
Organic burdock
Boiled fish
Shiitake mushroom

Internal capacity110g
Description of item"Falled beef grilled beef sauce 110g" uses carefully selected domestic organic vegetables and domestic natural materials, domestic natural soup stock, and does not use chemical seasonings, additives or extracts. It is a sauce of beef beef grilled meat.
An organic JAS certified seasoning that makes grilling meat, vegetables and fish easy. Despite full-fledged seasoning, several types of domestic organic vegetables are included.
Usage notes・ Please put it in the refrigerator after opening and enjoy it as soon as possible.
-Shake well and use it.
・ Contents may precipitate or separate, but there is no problem with the quality.
・Be careful when handling the Glass bottle.


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