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It is women's shaving of 20cm long handle for exclusive use on back to shave back which did not reach until now.


category Cosmetics
Material ・ Item Women's shaving
Product brandCami shave
Internal capacity1 bottle
size(Exterior) 235 * 100 * 40 (mm)
Description of item"Razor razor for back" is a 20 cm long handle women's shaving exclusively for the back, with a back shave that has never been reached. Use a guarded blade to handle the invisible back. Because it is a long handle, it will reach from the neck to the shoulder blade. Shaving smoothly with Aloes Moser. It is a handle shape that is easy to hold and familiar. With 2-flute guard.
Quality indicationBlade part: stainless steel blade steel double coated edge processing ABS resin heat resistance temperature 70 degrees
Roller smoother: polystyrene polyethylene oxide
Holder: ABS resin Heat resistant temperature 70 degrees
Cap: polypropylene
Usage notes-It is a razor for a dead hair. Do not use for any purpose other than that purpose.
If your skin is damaged or inflamed, do not use it if it does not suit your skin.
● Do not wipe the cutting edge. It may damage your skin.
● Please use the cream or well whipped soap etc. on the part of the skewer. Be careful not to slip the hand holding the razor.
● If you are near the bones, please use with caution.
● After use, rinse well, drain and store in a dry place with a cap.
● Please do not put in hot water more than 70 degrees. It may be deformed.
● Keep unused razors dry. The smoother may melt away in high humidity areas. There is no change in quality.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
please note● Because it is a knife, please be careful about handling and storage enough.
● Do not turn over the same place over and over again. It may damage your skin.


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