Groom! Eyebrow Leather 3way

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"Groom (Groom) Eyebrow Leather 3way" is a shaver for Mayu sled that can be finely finished to small parts with a small blade. Tip shape ideal for detailing, cutting one by one. There is a safety guard, which is gentle on the skin, making it difficult to cut the skin even if it slides sideways. A comb that is useful for cutting mayu. With a brush to adjust the flow of mayu.


category Cosmetics
Material ・ Item Shaver for hair growth
Product brandShellfish mark
'S (exterior)Width 40 * Height 175 (mm)
Handling precautions● Be careful to handle it as it is a knife.
Please keep in a safe place out of reach of children ●.
Usage notes-It is a razor for the purpose of Mayu sled. Do not use for any purpose other than that purpose.
● Do not wipe the blade or hit anything other than the skin. It may worsen the sharpness or hurt the skin.
● Kidori may damage your skin.
● Use cream or cream on a part of it, or use it with soap or the like.
● When cream or soap comes in your hand or handle, please wash it off so that your hand does not slip.
● After use, rinse well, drain and store in a dry place with a cap.
Quality indicationBlade part: stainless steel blade steel / double coated edge processing
Holder: Synthetic resin · Heat resistant temperature 70 degrees
Cap and comb: AS resin
Brush: Nylon
Country of originJapan


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