Venus paper Gauze roll (non-woven fabric type) 20 m

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"Gauze roll (non-woven fabric type) 20m" is a Gauze roll that plays an active part in various scenes of life as well as cooking. 100% natural rayon used. It can be used in various applications depending on the idea. Soft and highly hygroscopic, with perforations every 30 cm. For salt fir, oil strain, soup stock, steamed vegetables etc.


size30 cm x 20 m
how to use※ 100% rayon is used. (made in Japan)
※ Number of times of use / 60 times
※ As there is 20m, we can use enough.
※ There is no need for scissors, etc. as there are perforations every 30 cm.
please note※ Please do not wash away because it does not dissolve in water.
※ Please do not use directly to the wound.
※ When you put out the trash, please follow the classification of the municipalities.
● Please use oil after cooling well.
● Please use two layers of steaming cloth.
Quality indicationRaw materials: rayon 100%
Country of originJapan
Contact informationKinsei Paper Co., Ltd.


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