Menicon One Day Mois-In 15ml Hygienics and medicines Soft lense for washing, rinsing, disinfecting and storing

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"Colorcon Care 70ml with clear case" is for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing for all soft lenses including silicone hydrogel. Keep the moisture firmly. Can be used for color contact care and soft lens. It is a cute cute mini (70ml). With clear case. Quasi-drug.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Soft Lense for Washing, Rinsing, Disinfection, Storage
Product brandMenicon
Internal capacity70ml + with clear case
how to use● Turn the cap clockwise to open the bottle before use. Before handling lense, be sure to wash your hands with soap and rinse thoroughly with tap water (running water).
(1) Washing: Remove the contact lens from the eye, place it on the palm, apply a few drops of color control, and gently wash both sides of the lens 20-30 times with your fingers.
(2) Rinse: Rinse both sides of the rinsed lens thoroughly with color control.
(3) Disinfection and storage: Immerse the lens completely in the lens case filled with color contact care and tighten the cap of the case. Disinfection is complete when left for more than 4 hours.
○ We recommend rinsing with Colorcon Care before putting on the license.
○ After use, throw away the solution, wash it thoroughly with color control, then turn the body and cap down and let it dry naturally. In order to use it more cleanly, replace the license case regularly.
○ After opening, use 1 month as a guide.
* If not used correctly, bacteria, mold, acanthamoeba, etc. may propagate, leading to infections and serious eye damage. Please observe the handling of lense and care products and use them correctly. In addition, please be sure to take periodic inspections.
Usage notes● For use, please read the attached instruction manual carefully.
● This solution can not be used for hard and oxygen permeable hard contact lense.
componentContaining 0.001 mg of polyhexanide hydrochloride in 1 ml
Surfactant, tonicity agent, metal sequestering agent
Designated ingredients: edeto acid, propylene glycol
Effect / effectDisinfection of soft contact lense (group I-group IV)
Contact informationMenicon Corporation
Menicon Customer Center: 0120-103109
Reception hours / 9:00-18:00 ※ Except for days and holidays.


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