Ice Non Cooling Pad Pillow Soft Type - 1 pc by Hakugen

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"Icenone Soft Cooling Pillow" is a cooling pillow that fits softly and adopts a cooling effect for 10 hours, by adopting a "new and flexible two layer structure" of antifreeze gel and frozen gel. The unfreezing gel layer is soft, because it does not freeze even when it cools, and the frozen gel layer divided into four is easy to bend, it fits perfectly the part you want to chill, so the feeling of use has improved significantly. It can be used repeatedly any number of times. Please use it when you want to chill with fever, bruises, sprains etc., or when you are asleep in the summer.


category Sanitary care
Material item Ice Pillow Soft Type
Product brandIthnon
Internal capacity1 piece (1250 g)
A195 * 350 * 40 (mm)

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