Kasuga Chamber of Commerce Agri-Sicily Organic Marmalade Sicilian Lemon 360g Food Jam Paste (Organic JAS)

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Agri-Sicily Organic Marmalade Sicilian Lemon 360g is an organic marmalade using organic fruits grown in Sicily. Organic JAS certified food.
Agrisicilia is located at the foot of Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, a World Heritage Site. Established for the purpose of making jams from organic fruits grown in Sicily, its production has a 20-year history. Sicilia is not only blessed with weather, but also has the advantage of being rich in organic soil. And the advantage is that you can grow high quality fresh fruits. Sicily can also grow red oranges that can not be reproduced anywhere else. Agrisicilia always chooses the quality of the product, that is, only fresh fruit, and advocates as a company policy to produce with leaving the smell and taste. Furthermore, processes such as peeling are performed manually to select high quality fruit. Starting with the local distribution, the quality has become known in Italy.
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category hood
Material ・ Item Jam and paste (organic JAS)
Product brandAgrisicily
Internal capacity360g
please note※ The peels and seeds of fruits may be mixed in the manufacturing process, but there is no problem with the quality. ※ If the surface is liquid, stir well and it will return to the normal condition.
Preservation methodStore at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name of product: Organic marmalade

Ingredient name: Ingredient name: organic lemon, organic sugar, gelling agent (pectin)
Country of originItaly
Contact informationImporter
Kasuga Shokai Co., Ltd.
Kobe City Chuo-ku Sagami-dori 5th Street 1-13 078 (221) 5501


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