Koyo Chemical Co., Ltd. Luco Ru disinfecting wet towel 100 sheets entered Hygiene medical wet towel for bacterial elimination

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"A Lu Coul sterilization wet towel 100 sheets" is a wet towel for disinfection which plated silver ions on vegetable ingredients such as Applephenon (R), green tea catechin extract. For disinfection / antibacterial / deodorant around my body.


category Sanitary care
Material item Wet towel for disinfection
Product brandKoyo Kasei
Internal capacity100 sheets
size123 * 180 (mm)
Use● At the time of meal ● To wipe ● To eradicate household items ● To cleans the hands and fingers ● To the hygiene of tables and desks, kitchen supplies ● To disinfect the objects around you ● to clean ● in the room To eliminate sterilization and cleansing of Stain of concern
how to use1, remove the cap of the bottle and remove the film.
2, Take 1 piece of central tissue.
3, Through the hole of cap through Inside.
4, Please close the cap and pull it diagonally and use it.
Usage notes● After use, to prevent drying, please close the lid tightly.
● Do not place near fire or direct sunlight, where it will be hot and humid.
● Do not use on face, mucous membranes, wounds. If it gets in your eyes please rinse with water immediately.
● Please stop using it when there is abnormality on your skin or when it does not fit your skin.
● If you use a person with a hypersensitivity to the skin or a weak skin, Also be careful because there is a risk of skin roughening when used for a long time.
● painted surface of paint and varnish, white trees and wallpapers etc Discolors · Please do not use because there is fear of alteration.
● Please do not use for styrene products and Leather goods.
● Because it will not dissolve in water, please do not flush to the flush toilet.
Please keep it out of reach of children ●.
● Please do not put the sheet in your mouth. There is a danger such as suffocation.
● Liquid crystals and special coating agents may be peeled off.
※ This product reduces the bacteria after wiping, it does not remove all the bacteria.
※ Because there is a lifetime at the outlet of the main body container, please replace with a new container when the towel becomes difficult to break.
componentWater, ethanol, PG, cetylpyridinium chloride, benzoic acid, benza Luco nium chloride, chitosan, teaquix, applefenone (R), 3 Ca phosphate, silver, plant extract, paraben
Contact InformationKoyo Kasei Phone: (0545) 36 - 2320

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