Koyo Kasei A Lucool disinfectant wet towel 100 sheets Hygienic and medical disinfectant wet towel

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“A Luco ll disinfectant wet towel 100 sheets” is a disinfectant wet towel in which silver ions are plated on plant components such as apple phenone (R) and green tea catechin extract. For sterilization, antibacterial and deodorant around the body.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Wet towel for sterilization
Product brandKoyo Kasei
Internal capacity100 sheets
Use● At meal time ● In bed warmer ● In sterilization of household goods ● In cleaning hands, fingers ● In table and desk, in hygiene of kitchenware ● In sterilization of things around the body, in cleaning ● Inside the room Stain's bacteria removal and cleaning
how to use1. Remove the bottle cap and remove the film.
2, take out one central tissue.
3, through the hole in the cap from the inside.
4. Please use it with the cap closed and pulled out diagonally.
Usage notes● Close the lid tightly to prevent drying after use.
● Do not place it near fire or in direct sunlight, where it gets hot and humid.
● Do not use on the face, mucous membranes, or wounds. If it gets into your eyes, please rinse with water immediately.
If you have skin problems or ●, when it does not fit the skin, please discontinue use.
● If you use a person who is sensitive to skin irritation or hypersensitivity, or if you use it for a long time, please be aware that it may cause rough skin.
● Do not use painted or varnished surfaces, white wood or wallpaper as there is a risk of discolors or deterioration.
● Do not use it for Styrofoam products or Leather products.
● Do not dissolve in water, so flush with flush toilets.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
● Please do not put the sheet in your mouth. There is a danger such as suffocation.
● Liquid crystal and special coating agents may come off.
※ This product is to reduce the bacteria after being wiped, not all bacteria are removed.
※ As there is a life at the outlet of the main body container, replace it with a new container when it becomes difficult to break the towel.
componentWater, ethanol, PG, cetyl pyridinium chloride, benzoic acid, benza Luconium chloride, chitosan, tea extract, apple phenone (R), phosphoric acid 3Ca, silver, plant extract, paraben
Contact informationKoyo Kasei
Phone: (0545) 36-2320


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