Panasonic Panasonic Orb Tonostar NT-T59P-N Household appliances Orb Tonostar

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Item Number:E049811H
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It is an Orb Toto star equipped with a microcomputer auto key that can be baked with just one touch.


category Household appliances
Material ・ Item Orb Totostar
Product brandPanasonic
weight2.7 kg
ColorChampagne Gold
sizeOutside size / height 23.7 * width 33.0 * depth 27.6 (cm), inside / height 10.0 * width 26.0 * depth 21.9 (cm)
Description of itemThe "Panasonic Orb To-Toaster NT-T59P-N" is an Orb Tono-Star equipped with a microcomputer auto key that burns with a single touch. I used an auto key for the menu I use often. Just press the key to automatically adjust the heating and cooking time and finish well. The outside is Sac Ri, while the inside and outside are baked using a far and near infrared heater. Comes with a grill which is convenient for glutinous rice cakes. The fine mesh makes it difficult to stick to the cake, and the toast can be baked uniformly.
Product SpecificationsPower consumption: 1000 W
Main function: Four microcomputer auto menu (toast, frozen toast, bread warm, grilled skewer), far-and-far infrared heater (upper and lower), power change over (three steps), timer (total 25 minutes), slide type waste pan (pan waste tray) ), Washable baked sweets
Usage notes● Temperature control will temporarily turn off the heater and the heater will turn on automatically when the temperature drops.
● The thick bread is baked slightly above the top.
● Open one side, please use more than 4.5cm more than the side and the back, and 10cm or more apart on the top.


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